Why Windmills?

By Henry Nuxoll

The motive behind the 2nd Wind Ranch

Windmills are like people
They  point us toward heaven like God’s steeplewindmill
Drawing their power from sources unseen
Just as our life here in between

Like people, some are big some are tall
Some are short some are small
Some are pretty some are not
Some work—some  not

Some are quiet some are outspoken
Some are all  fixed  up—some are broken
Some are standing—some on the ground
Some are lost—some are found

Man  can  restore windmills giving them second chances
As God  can restore man and all our branches
Lord, thanks for my failures and second chances
For they lead  to  roads  of  better chances
Here’s  to  you Lord
Why  not windmills?


Inspiration Message

“God laughs at odds.
No matter how big the dream,
How huge the request,
How lofty the hope,
Or even how statistically impossible the task,
He can do it – and infinitely immeasurably more.”

May God be seen for how Great He really is.
Ephesians 3:20

“Here’s to you Lord,
Why not Windmills?”