Mission Statement

The Reason for the Season  /  Why are we doing this?


  1. Continue the story of our windmills. The original intent of  the  Festivals was to  fund, finance, restore and  erect  the windmill collection at  the  2nd  Chance Ranch. The  Windmills  with  their  History  had  more to  do  with  settling  the  west  than  the gun itself. If  it  were  not  for  the  windmill,  man  or livestock could  not  settle far  from  streams  or  rivers.  The  original  goal of  restoring  our  windmills  will  continue.  Many  are in poor  state  of repair  due  to  storm  damage  over  the  years.
  2. Restore Longwood Country School. Nebraska had more school Districts than any other state in America.  Custer County had more school districts than any county in Nebraska.  Longwood  District No  6  was  reunited  with the swing, merry go  round,  teeter  totter  and flag pole purchased 30  years ago  by Gunter  Nuxoll, an  eighteen-year-old  with vision beyond  his  years.
  3. Repair the Dempster House.  Named  after  the  Beatrice, Nebraska company  that made  the  Dempster  windmills which totally surround  It.  This  house was built in  1897 by a  homesteader, and moved two miles  from the  Treptow  family  who  last owned it. It has seen stars from the festivals on the inside as well as the stars which have shown above it.
  4. Re-Ignite the concerts that brought the finest talent in the world to the Windmill Festival, Comstock Rock and Godstock. Also help honor investors and ticketholders of the past.
  5. Help develop tourism in Comstock and the surrounding area. Comstock has two businesses: a bar and pop machine. It once had 60 legitimate businesses.


Longwood School

The Longwood School

Dempster House

The Dempster House