Sights to See While Visiting Comstock

Dowse Sod House

This is the first homestead in Custer County. The sod house was built over 100 years  ago and is owned current day by the same Dowse Family.  Fully furnished and ready for hospitality. Contact Ron Dowse at 308-215-0365.

Comstock Garden & Power Plant

The  best  garden between  Denver and Omaha.  Founded by  three ladies who  thought  flowers  looked  better  than  ruins  of the burned down North  side  district  Businesses.  Packed  with  perennials and  a  few  choice  annuals, highlight being  the  Gazebo, old flower car,  cement block factory forms and  the  ruins  of  the original  Comstock  power  plant,  perfect  place  for  senior or other pictures.  Contact  Pam Chambers at 308-628-4100.

Wescott  Art Gallery

Home  of some  of  the  best  of  the  west  photographs and  paintings  the  eye  can  find. Originally  the  Wescott Baptist  church one  of  last  remnants  of  the  city  of  Wescott  that  went  defunct  when  the  Railroad  choose Comstock  to  build  their rail  line on  the  other  side of  the river.  Contact Sue Dowse at 308-215-0066.

Gunters Standard

Named  after Gunter  Nuxoll  who’s  sign  originally came from  Georges Wells  station.  This  station opened in  the  thirties and  closed  in  the  fifties.  Restored  with  fuel  pump, oil  barrel  and pump,  1930  model  A Fuel  Truck and  75  Gas station,  tire,  battery and road signs  that  adorn a 40  by  20  foot Brick  wall.

Pirate Cove

Comstock’s  History,  formerly  headquarters  of  the  Comstock  News, houses the  full  print  shop  and  all artifacts  from  the Comstock  School,  state  champion  in  football  in  1941. Includes a  complete replica of  the Comstock High School.  Generously donated by the Krikac Family. Contact Bob Drake at 308-215-9410.

Wreck Center

Former Methodist  Church,  converted  to  Movie Theatre, Exercise  Facility, Game  Room, Four  Words or less Photo exhibit and  headquarters  for Comstock Festival Company.

City Park

Volleyball, swings, tennis, teeter totter and the original fire escape slide from the Comstock High School & a pop machine.

2nd Wind Ranch

Collection of standing windmills big and small. The Dempster House  built  by a  homesteader  before  Comstock existed and Longwood Country School district  number 6 all  in  different states of repair and restoration. The 2nd Wind Ranch held the famous Windmill  Festivals, Comstock Rock and Godstock.

Middle Loup River and Diversion Dam

Fishing, swimming and boating.  The Amazon of Nebraska Rivers.  The most even flowing and the widest river in Nebraska.

Other Nearby Attractions

Events to See & Believe

Fourth of July

Biggest little town parade, Barbecue dinner, Big Iron Tug of  war, Games, turtle  races, volleyball,  softball,  and awesome fireworks.

Easter  Egg  Hunt

Fireman’s Pancake Feed in February

Six  blocks  of  Christmas lights  and Santa Comes  to Comstock after Thanksgiving Comstock  converts  to  a  Christmas Village.  The  North  Pole, Half a   mile  of  lights and  extension cords, 45  inflatables,  20  Santas,  20  snowmen,  three  Nativities, 125  Wreathes and so much more.

Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, Comstock Converts to a Christmas Village

Seven Blocks of Comstock will light up like the stars of the skies. A bank, church, gas station, (North Pole) garden and about every block on main street Comstock will be adorned with lights, inflatables and every decoration you can imagine. Over a half of mile of extension cords and lights, 50 inflatables, 25 snowman, reindeer, over 20 Santa Clauses, Christmas trees, and over 150 Christmas Wreathes plus a whole lot more will be on display starting the day after Thanksgiving.